Conformity evaluation of elevators in the form of technical examination while putting into service, while in operation, inspection at the end of specified service life (25 years), and electrical measurements.

Test laboratory

  • Head of the testing and electrical measurement laboratory
    Lyudmila Konstantinovna Lokhova
    +7 495 317 16 18 ext. 130

Being a hazardous installation, an elevator is subject to compulsory technical control as stipulated by technical regulations of the Customs Union “Safety of elevators” TR CU 011/2011, approved by the Customs Union Commission Decision dated October 18, 2011. No. 824 (hereinafter referred to as — TR CU 011/2011) and corresponding national standards.

Elevators on the territory of the Russian Federation are to pass technical examinations (when putting into operation, periodical, partial) and inspections at the end of the designed service life (25 years).