A certification agency should impartially and swiftly consider grievances, claims and appeals of an applicant, and take a reasoned decision.

An applicant is informed as to the procedure for consideration of grievances, claims and appeals prior to the acceptance of an application for the assessment of conformity of elevators with the requirements of the Technical regulations (or at the same time as the acceptance of an application).

Rules for hearing appeals.

An applicant who is dissatisfied with decisions made and/or in case of complaint against actions of employees of a certification agency has the right to address the head of the certification agency with a grievance, claim or appeal within a month of receiving the corresponding document from such certification agency or carrying out the corresponding works (when making a complaint against actions of employees of the certification agency).

Grievances, claims and appeals are accepted for examination in writing.  In exceptional cases, it is possible to have an oral consideration of complaints and claims.

Grievances, claims and appeals should be accompanied by documents which substantiate the same.

Grievances, claims and appeals on issues related to procedures and forms of documents which are established in legal and regulatory documents of the Russian Federation, or organisational and methodical documents of an accrediting agency, are not to be considered by a certification agency.

Grievances, claims and appeals are to be considered by a commission formed by the head of a certification agency within 14 days from the moment of their receipt.  The head of the certification agency shall take a decision within that same period. An applicant is informed of the decision in writing. Results of the commission session are formalized in protocols which are to be kept in the archive of the organization.

If an applicant is not satisfied with a decision made by the Head of a certification agency, it can apply to the Federal Service for Accreditation in accordance with the established procedure or take legal action.

A decision of the Federal Service for Accreditation on grievances of applicants is compulsory for a certification agency but can be appealed in accordance with the procedure established in the Russian Federation.

Copies of claims, plans for remedial actions, materials which confirm the elimination of discrepancies, etc., connected with the business of a certification agency are to be kept in the archive of a certification agency. Retention period – within the period of the certificate validity.